DALI Trademark Usage

The DALI trademarks are registered for ZVEI and show DALI as the world-wide standard for lighting control. The DALI trademarks include the logo, and the "DALI" word, as shown.

Trademark use by DALI trademark holders

The following main conditions must be fulfilled in order to use a DALI trademark:

  • Be a current DALI trademark holder.
  • Sign the DALI Trademark Agreement with ZVEI.
  • For use on products: ensure they are DALI compliant by getting a positive test result with the official DALI test system and test sequence software. This may be done by self-testing, or by using a test-house listed on the DALI website. For products not passing these tests, the DALI trademark logo shall not be used on the products or product-related literature, unless otherwise agreed by the DALI working party of ZVEI.

Trademark holders may add their compliant products to the product database. For further information, see: DALI testing.

Note: For products initially shown to be compliant, but later found to be non-compliant, the manufacturer shall either remove the DALI logo from the products about to be placed on the market (including product literature), or correct the cause of the problem including a successful re-test of the product. Unless agreed otherwise with the DALI working party of ZVEI, a period of 30 days (clause 6.4 of the trademark agreement) is allowed to correct the causes of non-compliance or to remove the trademark logo from products and product literature.


Trademark use on control devices

This is NOT allowed (but see the exception listed under, "Trademark use by other companies"). Control devices currently on the market are not DALI compliant. In DALI version 1, there was no standard for control devices, and so no tests, and so DALI compliance is not possible.


Trademark use on luminaires

DALI trademark holders may use the DALI logo on their luminaires, provided:

  • All control gear inside the luminaire is DALI compliant, is from a DALI trademark holder and bears the DALI logo.
  • The control gear has been tested with the same lamp or lamp module that is to be supplied with the luminaire, or specified for use with the luminaire.
  • There is no other control gear inside the luminaire that is non-compliant (for example non-compliant emergency control gear).
  • There is no control device such as a sensor inside the luminaire.

For integrated luminaires – where the control gear and lamp are part of the same product and are not supplied or sold separately, DALI testing shall be applied to the complete luminaire. Any change to the luminaire, such as a change to the lamp module, shall need re-testing in accordance with the guidelines in the section Updated products.

Luminaires can now be added to the DALI product database.



Trademark use by other companies

Non-trademark-holders may also use the "DALI" word trademark, provided it is used in the following way: The "DALI" word may be marked on products whose purpose is to send commands to DALI compliant control gear, provided the marking is close to the terminals that are intended for connection to DALI compliant control gear. The "DALI" word shall not be used in other ways, such as in the name of the product or company name. The "DALI" word may also be used in the product documents, only when describing the purpose of the terminals intended for connection to DALI compliant products. The DALI trademark logo may not be used in any way. ZVEI shall have the final decision on use of the DALI trademarks. If in doubt, contact DALI - a working party of ZVEI, before using the trademarks.

OEM products: Products manufactured by a DALI trademark holder, but bearing the name of another company, may not show the DALI trademarks unless the company name shown on the product is that of a DALI trademark holder (with rights to use the trademarks on products).