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DALI Manual

From the Foreword: "Specialists in the field of lighting, such as architects, light designer and installers, are the principal target group for this manual of basic information on "Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI)".

DALI is a protocol for communication between lighting control devices and control gear. It is a worldwide standard, published under IEC 62386. The manufacturer-independent DALI standard ensures interchangeability and interoperability of lighting devices from various manufacturers.

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DALI. Ingeniously simple. Simply ingenious.

  • DALI is an international standard created specifically for digital lighting control.
  • DALI provides a single interface for all electronically controlled light sources in an easy-to-install and versatile system.
  • DALI provides almost unlimited scalability of lighting control systems.
  • DALI is cost-effective through energy-savings and is easy to manage.
  • Created by Europe‚Äôs leading lighting manufacturers, DALI is firmly established all over the world.

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